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From Rami Ojares / PDF-Comics Oy <r...@absinth.fi>
Subject Re: ASSERT FAILED RowChanger already open continued
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:09:15 GMT
Hejsan Knut,

I will try to do that.
But before that here are some further observations.

The assert error occurs when using a sane build (as expected).
When I used an insane build I do not get that assert error anymore but 
the following.

I am inserting here altogether around 20 000 rows so all the errors I 
mention happen here and ther in between.
The good errors are caused by a before trigger I have created to guard 
the correctness of data.

I get 6 good exceptions in a row and after that I get an error
"The heap container with container id Container(-1, 1263513312942) is 
This happens 3 times.

After that around 40 rows are inserted with no problems.
Then I get a good error.
And for the next row I get
"Maximum depth of nested triggers was exceeded."

And from here on everytime a good error occurs this maximum depth error 
occurs for the following row.

Now I know that my trigger does not cause other triggers to go off.
My trigger only makes some sql queries and returns either 0 or throws an 

It seems at the moment that this has something to do with the rollback 
causing problems for the next row.
And the heap container thingy is a complete mystery to me.

Coming up...
A reproducible test case in jira.

- rami
>> Hi Rami,
>> It sounds like you know exactly how to reproduce this problem. It would
>> be great if you could file a bug report and attach a java program so
>> that others can reproduce it too.
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY
>> Thanks,

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