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From MB <digital.disc...@gmail.com>
Subject derby embedded for small sites viable?
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 17:34:30 GMT

Could Apache Derby 10.5.x in the embedded form be an interesting viable
alternative to, for example MySQL / PostgreSQL and similar?

The requirements are about 100 concurrent users, content being text,
images, a *smaller amount* of audio files and later possibly video
files, 4 areas with 1-10 articles in each and an administrative
interface requiring login. Surely Derby 10.5.x or later could perform
such a small site well in Tomcat 5.5.x or similar?  

All this probably running in a virtual unix server somewhere. 

What are your experiences with embedded derby after publication?

Can Derby sustain Blobs well or would I better off just using the file
system? I need to personalize some of the given URL's to files in blob-
form per user, but I guess that could be done no matter what is used.


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