Has anyone successfully implemented their own class to authenticate a user's credentials?
I used as a format the sample class provided by Derby to do this.  But there is scant information on the
particulars on how to do this.  I substituted my own class name for the term 'BUILTIN' in the derby.properties file.
For some reason Derby is not loading the class.  Does one eliminate all the text below the term '#Users' ?  Where does
this user class get placed in the directory structure?  I put it in two places: in the same directory as the 'derby.properties' file and
in the directory where the server is started. It does not appear that quotation marks (single or double) are placed around the
class name in the derby.properties file. The parameters in the 'getConnection()' method I left unchanged.
Any suggestions would be helpful.  I have been through all the documentation and have not found the answers to these questions.
The server is running RH Linux.

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