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From s...@twinix.com
Subject Facing unable to close the task in jBPM on the cloud where in in the development happening quiet ok
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:26:46 GMT
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I am working on a jBPM3.2.2 implementation in one of the web application on Tomcat6. We have
two work flows A and B. B workflow is called in Workflow A as a Process State. 

Workflow A has 
- one start node
- one task node, decision node
- one other tasknode followed by two mail nodes
- Process State node where B is called
- End node.

Workflow B has
- one start node
- a taskndoe
- decision node
- mail node
- tasknode
-decision node
-mail node
-end node

I will be able to successfully close all the tasks using task forms and working fine at development
environment. where in if i move the war file to the cloud and trying to acces, at the second
task node is not closing (when I close second time and access from the browser on the internet)
and at the same time no exception and workflow progress further without problems. And at the
process state B level, it is unable to create a task at first task node in the B.

I didn't see any reasons why task is not closed and at the same time, i didn't see any exceptions.
It is a weird problem happening on the cloud only.

Is this something like transaction timeout problem? or any lock happening on that because
of transaction manager is doing one thing but session manager doing other thing. In this case
also, i supposed to see any exception. Not sure what happening. I changed the request timeout,
transaction timeout settings both hibernate/Spring and tomcat level. 

JBPM user community, did you guys see this kind of weird problem? i appreciate your help.


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