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From Thomas Hill <Thomas.K.H...@t-online.de>
Subject Re: ERROR 42X51 class not found
Date Sun, 25 Oct 2009 15:54:55 GMT

when I executed 'java derbyPk.Functions' from the command line I received an
error 'No such method: main' (not class not found). Then I inserted a method
main just to see what happens and all main did was to print a 'Hello World' to
the console. After recompiling and executing 'java derbyPk.Functions' now with a
method main again I received Hello World as answer.

I checked my file permissions and they are all the same with root as owner and
others having read-permission. I do not think this a file permission problem.

I then invoked ij and connected to the database as user=root (no longer as
user=derby)  [how do I know which user derby is running under, I thought root as
I did not specify anything when starting the server?]

Here are the results I received in ij:
a) when I still had a methode main:
'CALL "TF_Clients_AI2"(1,'000','xxx');' ==> "TF_CLients_AI2" is not a recognised
function or procedure
'CALL derby."TF_Clients_AI2"(1,'000', 'xxx');' ==> no answer, system seemed to
hang and I exited out using Ctrl+C
b) so I removed the method main again and recompiled:
'CALL derby."TF_Clients_AI2"(1,'000','xxx');' ==> good old ERROR 42X51,
derbkyPk.Functions does not exist or is inaccessible followed by ERROR XJ001
'CALL derby."TF_Clients_AI2"(1,1,1);' ==> when passing wrong data types I
received 'VARCHAR' can not hold types 'INTEGER'
'CALL derby."TF_Clients_AI2"();' ==> derby."TF_Clients_AI2" is not a recognised
function or procedure.

Still confusing and I wonder what the problem will have been once it was solved
(if it ever will).


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