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From Alexandros Karypidis <akary...@yahoo.gr>
Subject Plug-in won't work in "Java and Report Developers" Eclipse
Date Sat, 31 Oct 2009 08:26:15 GMT

I've hit a problem which is very likely to be what was discussed in this 
list here:

I have some extra information about this (most importantly a consistent 
way to reproduce):

When using the "Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers" 
installation, ANY derby core plug-in downloaded from the Apache Derby 
web site is NOT detected. This edition (btw it is an official 
distribution from eclipse.org) is essentially the JEE edition together 
with the BIRT reporting plug-ins; You can get it from the official 
Eclipse downloads site:


Now, compared to the pure JEE edition (where everything works properly), 
the BIRT edition has the reporting plug-ins and they also show some 
lovin for Derby as they include a version of the core plug-in: 
org.apache.derby.core_10.3.1.4 plugin.

So, I was trying to replace it with a newer version by deleting what 
BIRT came with and adding the core plug-in downloaded from the Apache 
Derby site (tried, and No matter what I do, 
the new plugin is not detected running "eclipse -clean -debug" does not 
provide any relevant information (some birt plug-ins fail to resolve due 
to missing the derby core, but there is nothing about the derby core 
plugin itself). It appears as though the bundle is silently ignored and 
then causes the installation of a couple of other bundles that depend on 
it to fail.

I'm about to head to the BIRT newsgroup to discuss this (at the very 
least they should stop distributing which has known data 
corruption issues), but I'm hoping to gather some more information here 
first (I can point them to this thread when I bring it up there).

Can somebody knowledgeable download the file above and have a look at 
the plugins\org.apache.derby.core_10.3.1.4 folder to see what they 
distribute (as far as I can see, main differences are that the network 
libraries are missing and the bundle is sealed).

Hopefully, one come up with a suggestion regarding why newer versions of 
the derby core are not picked up. It's probably something that they do, 
but I just want an educated opinion before I head over there to complain.


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