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From Sylvain Leroux <s...@wanadoo.fr>
Subject Re: Derby 10.5 + JDK1.6
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2009 09:31:09 GMT
Hi Shaffin

And welcome to Derby ;)

> when I browse using the table, I dont see the new row that I originally inserted
What kind of tool are you using to "browse" the table? ij? Or is it from a 
custom written program? My first guess would be that there was a problem while 
reading back the data.

 >           c = stmt.executeUpdate();
However, just to be sure, it could be interesting to check the return value of 
executeUpadte, in order to see if a row was really inserted by your statement.

Not sure this is relevant, but what's your platform?


Shaffin Bhanji a écrit :
> Hello,
> Please be patient as I am new to using Derby. I am using the embedded 
> jdbc driver in my application and it seems that I am able to insert a 
> row using java without any exceptions but when I browse using the table, 
> I dont see the new row that I originally inserted. A snipped of my code 
> looks as follows:
>           Class.forName( DERBY_DRIVER ).newInstance();
>           //Get a connection
>           Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection( 
> "jdbc:derby:directory:/home/shaffin/testdb;create=true", "admin", 
> "password" );
>           conn.setAutoCommit(true);
>                     PreparedStatement stmt = 
> conn.prepareStatement("insert into tbltest (fld1, fld2) values(?,?)");
>           stmt.setString(1, "fld1test");
>           stmt.setString(2, "fld2test");
>           c = stmt.executeUpdate();
>           stmt.close();
>           conn.close();
> Any help is kindly appreciated.
> Shaffin.

Website: http://www.chicoree.fr

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