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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby and Osgi
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 12:00:45 GMT
Santiago Miguel Aranda Rojas wrote:
> I like Derby. I am using OSGi in order to have a SOA platform. I know 
> derby is working in Embedded mode as OSGi bundle. I would like to know 
> if it is possible run Derby in client-server mode using OSGi. I have 
> dowloaded derby and I have found a 
> org.apache.derby.osgi.EmbeddedActivator class. I think this is the 
> only way for running Derby inside OSGi.
> Do you know any options for having a database server inside OSGi??? I 
> would like run only one proccess and that all my components were 
> included in the OSGi framework, Derby too. But using client-server 
> arquitecture


If doing what Francois described in his answer isn't enough, maybe we 
can create more bundles if that is required?
I'm not very familiar with OSGi, but I assume two more bundles could be 
 - a bundle for the Derby client driver
 - a bundle for the Derby network server (which would be dependent on 
the Derby embedded bundle)

I don't know what OSGi provides when it comes to bundle configuration 
(and I haven't checked either), but the Derby network server bundle will 
be pretty much useless if it can't be configured (IP to listen to, port 
to listen to etc). The solution described by Francois can be configured 
using system properties, and I suppose the same could be done for an 
OSGi server bundle. But is this good enough?

If there are any OSGi users out there, feel free to comment on this and 
provide some pieces of advice.

> Thank you
> Santiago Miguel Aranda Rojas

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