Dear Sir,

I will just give a brief introduction of myself, I am currently a student in IT College with Major of Software Engineering. I am in my final year of studies, I made a proposal of building a database engine in Java, it won't be a large database engine but I would narrow the scope to include the most basic modules to support my proposal as the final product should act as a lightweight database engine, I made a plan in which I will spend two months on my research (Reading & Recording my notes) and I got some good resources to understand the database inner workings.

I only have few questions regarding some issues for my research, I will list them as the following:

  • Are these the most important topics (Data Structures, Physical Design of the Database, XML Technology) that I should concentrate on reading that would help provide me with good knowledge to start implementing the Database Engine ?
  • What is your recommendation on what is the best start on researching about this project?
  • What will be the obstacles that I may face while building the system?
  • What are the steps that I should consider while going into the whole process?

Thanks alot for your time.

Waiting for your rely.

Tarek Khalil