I'm working on an database application. Items in the database are all in spanish language. It's mandatory that searches are accent-insensitive, meaning that, for example, a search for the word 'electrico' (no accent) must return entrances containing 'eléctrico' (with accent). Searching the web for a solution, I find I must set these two properties when creating the database: territory=es_ES collation=TERRITORY_BASED But it still doesn't work this way. Looks like the default collation for es_ES is still accent-sensitive. So I try to use a custom collator that will behave as I need to. I find some instructions for this in the following blog: http://blogs.sun.com/kah/entry/user_defined_collation_in_apache In brief, I define a new CollatorProvider and register it with the JVM. Here's the code for this class: public class IgnoraAcentosCollatorProvider extends java.text.spi.CollatorProvider { @Override public Collator getInstance(Locale locale) { if (!locale.equals(new Locale("es","ES","accentinsensitive"))){ throw new IllegalArgumentException("Solo acepta es_ES_accentinsensitive"); } Collator c=Collator.getInstance(new Locale("es","ES")); c.setStrength(Collator.PRIMARY); return c; } @Override public Locale[] getAvailableLocales() { return new Locale[]{ new Locale("es","ES","accentinsensitive") }; } } It simply takes the default es_ES Collator and changes strength to PRIMARY. This makes the collator return 0 when comparing 'electrico' and 'eléctrico'. After making sure this new Collator is available for the JVM, I re-start Derby and make a new database, now setting territory=es_ES_accentinsensitive The database is created without errors (meaning Derby reaches my Collator), but searches are still accent-sensitive (no matter if I use = or LIKE operators). Any clue? I made intensive searches about this issue but I found no solution. I can avoid the problem simply using MySQL (the default spanish configuration has already the desired behaviour) but I would like to keep on using Derby if possible. I'm using JavaDB-Derby Thanks.

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