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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: SQLException: Syntax error: Encountered "<EOF>" at line 1, column 19.
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 18:47:11 GMT
jstrunk wrote:
> I was coding "create procedure show_suppliers ...." and the error went away
> when I changed it to 
> "create procedure show_suppliers() ....". Does that make sense? 
It is like declaring a method with no arguments in Java: you still need 
an empty argument list.
> There are no
> parms on the method but I saw the parens in a syntax diagram and thought
> they might be required anyway.
> The sample code I am using seems to be full of errors which makes it very
> hard to learn from.
> Does anyone have working sample programs that use JBDC and to create, store,
> and run a SQLJ stored procedure? 
Try looking at the "scores" demo which is in the Derby source code under 
java/demo/scores. In particular, 
will give you examples of how to declare Derby functions and procedures. 
The main class of that application shows you how to use functions and 
procedures at runtime: 

Hope this helps,
> jstrunk wrote:
>> I am using Eclipse 3.5.0 with Derby (not the Derby Plugin). I
>> created an SQLJ stored procedure and stored it. When I try to execute it I
>> get SQLException: Syntax error: Encountered "<EOF>" at line 1, column 19. 
>> That is the only error information I get. How can I get a listing of what
>> SQL thinks the procedure looks like up to the point where the error
>> occurs?

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