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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: tool to sync to derby databases?
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:40:49 GMT
Hi J.V.,

I think that some people have gotten traction with the Daffodil 
replicator: http://enterprise.replicator.daffodilsw.com/

Hope this helps,

J.V. wrote:
> Seeking:  A free or commercial product / api / tool that can be embedded
> into a Java app to sync two derby databases and handle complex rules
> ---
> Summary:
> We have a desktop application that uses the db on the back end to 
> store info and have some unique syncing problems.
> The user has the ability to install the app, do some stuff that puts 
> data into the local db (call this Client A) and then sync to a central 
> server, which merely puts the db file on the server (puts the db file 
> into a column on production database)
> The user then has the ability to go to another computer, install the 
> app, and if the user has an account and logs in, it will download the 
> db file from a server (where it was put by Client A in the step above)
> The user may run either client in offline mode where data is changed 
> at any point, such that local changes do not get sync'd to the server 
> (but at some point in the future may get sync'd)
> ---
> What we want to do is handle all cases where Client A (that has been 
> in offline mode for some time and has made many local changes) gets 
> data from a recent sync from Client B and handles everything correctly.
> At first look this will require a lot of programming to do this, and 
> we would like to know if there is a tool or product out there that 
> will do what we need to do.
> Is there a tool that can be used to sync between the two databases 
> (through using a central always on server) when only one app can be 
> active at any time and handle the offline scenarios?
> ---
> Simply fetching the database files each time a client launches is not 
> an option, because of the "offline mode" where Client A may have some 
> data that was added or changed offline (at a later date than the last 
> sync) so if we get the db file from the server it will erase those 
> changes.
> We need to handle complex cases like
> Client A: (online mode)
>    launch and add some data
>    sync the db file to the server
>    close client A
>    Client B: (online mode)
>    launch the app and get latest data file from the server
>    add some data
>    * rename an item
>    sync the new data to the server
> Client A: (offline mode)
>        launch the app, can not sync from server because offline
>        * rename the same item as above (so this is the latest rename)
>        Now sync from the server
>           Expected:  Do not want to get the item renamed as set from 
> Client B, but should be the rename from Client A, after the sync.
>       For this reason we can not simply download the latest db file 
> from the server and use it.
>       We have to do a merge of the db files but handle changes 
> according to a time stamp, and only merge changes that are the most 
> recent changes.
>       There will be collisions and conflicts that we have to resolve 
> and this looks like a complex programming problem.
>    If anyone has any idea on free or commercial products that can be 
> embedded into a Java app to sync two hsqldb databases and handle 
> complex rules, please
> drop me a line.
> We have a few ideas, but want to explore all options.

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