thanks, rick. But,  as per Scope of Derby properties in Derby property reference,
I can not put that property in Scope of Derby properties Please tell me where to give this property.
"The file is an optional file that can be created to set properties at the system level when the Derby driver is loaded. Derby looks for this file in the directory defined by the derby.system.home property. Any property except derby.system.home can be set by including it in the file."

the second problem is completed it is working now. earlier it did not work, i gave the correct syntax only.

Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 7:09 PM, Rick Hillegas <> wrote:
Hi Sridhar,

Some responses inline...

sridhar devatha wrote:
Hi Rick Hillegas,
 Thank you very much for your reply. I just want some more information regarding derby.
I want to move this database directory from my home directory. I use windows xp professional. My c drive is not having enough space. So, it is not good to put the database in my home directory. Moreover, When I have to install I will format my c drive. So, I need a way to tell derby to store databases in some other location.
You can use the derby.system.home system property to tell Derby where to put your databases. For more information, please see the following section of the Derby Developer's Guide:

I am having 2 more problems with derby is that I am unable to start derby network server using derbynet.jar and derbyrun.jar. At present, What is working is thru setNetworkServerCP,startNetworkServer and stopNetworkServer. Can you or any body help me in this issues?
What command are you using to bring up the server and what error are you seeing?


On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Rick Hillegas < <>> wrote:

   Hi Sridhar,

   There is no Derby command for deleting a database. A database is
   simply a directory of files--if you want to delete it, you just
   use operating system commands to remove the directory. In your
   case, you would be deleting the sampleDB directory.

   You also asked a question about schemas, which I didn't
   understand. Forgive me if I am talking past your question: You can
   use the CREATE SCHEMA command to create schemas other than sys and
   app. If you use an authentication mechanism to control who logs
   into the database and if you turn on fine-grained SQL access
   checks, you can control who is able to read and write the data in
   the schema which you created. For more information, you may want
   to consult the security documentation in the Derby Developer's

   Hope this helps,

   sridhar devatha wrote:

        I hava a database, let us call it, sampleDB.
       I connect to it using ij through the below command.
       connect 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sampleDB;create=false';
       I want to remove sampleDB. So that nobody can connect to it
       even using sys schema.
       This database is in different schema other than sys and app.
       I am unable to find in docs and google on deleting derby database.
       Can I delete it from my own schema from which I usually
       connect to this database?
       what is the command for deleting database?
       how to know the tables / data in the database?

       Yours Sincerely,
       Devatha Sridhar


Yours Sincerely,
Devatha Sridhar


Yours Sincerely,
Devatha Sridhar