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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Corrupted database
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:36:35 GMT
Gabor 'Morc' KORMOS wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I saw a post just the other day detailing how to fix a CRC error 
> although this does not cover my problem because the corruption does 
> not surface during boot rather on query. I use Sonar which uses Derby 
> embedded, but unfortunately one of the versions which is known to 
> corrupt data,
>  OK, so the problem is that on query the Debry instance just shuts 
> down detecting the CRC error. I used a hex editor to fix the CRC (it's 
> in the first page of the file) but then I get another error (see 
> below). Could someone help me fix this even by sending her/him the 
> whole database (not huge, 240MB uncompressed)?
You might start with a consistency check to determine what table/index 
is corrupt: http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DatabaseConsistencyCheck

Do this on your original corrupted database, not the one that you 
changed with the hex editor.
Hopefully it is an index that you can drop and recreate.



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