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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Can we do some kind of virtual path mapping with Network Server?
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 14:53:31 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Feel free to file a feature-request JIRA, describing the behavior you 
need. Then people will have an issue which they can vote for--and that 
will help concentrate our attention.


Daniel Noll wrote:
> Kristian Waagan wrote:
>> Hi Daniel,
>> Have you considered using symbolic links?
>> (btw, something to check out here is how Java security interacts with 
>> symlinks)
> It seems to canonicalise the path excessively, so it would probably do 
> the right thing and make sure you have permission to both locations.  
> I have noticed Java even checks this even if you have a FilePermission 
> for all files. :rollseyes:
> On UNIX this would have been a fairly sensible option... Windows does 
> have symlinks now, but not *every* version of the OS we support.  On a 
> related note I have noticed Java has issues with my second hard disk 
> which is mounted at C:\Data, so it may not be great for symlinks either.
>> Regarding disallowing access for selected databases, is using the 
>> access rights mechanisms provided by the OS/file system an option?
>> I do realize there are limitations and challenges with the 
>> approach(es)...
> Using the filesystem for access control works but puts the burden on 
> the sysadmin to get it right (and it's something which is hard to 
> check from Java land, "are the permissions on this entire hard disk 
> correct?"
> Hiding the entire thing behind a REST or similar API would be another 
> solution to the problem, but it's a pretty steep hill.  I just thought 
> I would throw the question out there because a simple API which takes 
> a path and returns a path would have been an elegant solution, even if 
> it were buried deep in the server code.
> Daniel

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