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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendle...@amberpoint.com>
Subject Re: All Columns become Nullable when Using left join?
Date Sun, 10 May 2009 16:41:58 GMT
> select p.name, c.model, c.plat_no
> from person p
> left join car c on (p.id = c.person_id);
>  From the ResultSet, get the ResultSetMetaData and inspect each column’s 
> isNullable() value, which is always = 1 (always nullable).  It returns 
> correct nullable meta value if no left join is in used.  I suspect this 
> should be a bug?

Certainly the columns from car will be nullable in this query, since that's
the basic idea of an outer join.

But I am surprised that p.name is shown as nullable; I agree that it seems
like it should not be nullable.



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