Hi Brian,

Shutdown on a frozen database will hang,

Are you doing a shutdown, ctrl+c before copying the DB for replication?

Can you please avoid the shutdown, ctrl+c step?

Have you already seen this http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/ReplicationWriteup ?

You will find step by step instructions to get replication started there!


On 04/08/09 07:53, Brian Spindler wrote:
I've tried both:

connect 'jdbc:derby:<db>;shutdown=true';



both seem to simply hang and I'm forced to do Ctrl+C to get back my command prompt.  Does that sound right? 

regardless; both result in the same error.

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Brian Spindler <bspindler@netuitive.com> writes:



I have taken the following procedure:


1.       Using ij logged into my database


I saw in another thread you use embedded. Did you do a shutdown at
this point?
E.g. connect 'jdbc:derby:<db>;shutdown=true'

3.       Exit ij

4.       Copy database to slave

5.       Start slave

6.       Start master.


Then I get this error: 


Caused by: ERROR XRE05: The log files on the master and slave are not in
synch for replicated database 'foo'. The master log instant is 1:104173,
whereas the slave log instant is 1:103957. This is FATAL for replication
- replication will be stopped.



I thought by freezing/copying etc... they would be in synch?