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From V Narayanan <V.Naraya...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: master and slave are not in synch for replicated database
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 11:33:33 GMT
On 04/08/09 16:30, Alan Burlison wrote:
> V Narayanan wrote:
>> Have you already seen this 
>> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/ReplicationWriteup ?
>> You will find step by step instructions to get replication started 
>> there!
I am not sure if you wanted to ask two separate questions or a single 
question, I will treat them as two separate questions
> How do you 'fail back' to the master?

fail back = auto failover?

You mean after you failover and your slave becomes your new master, how 
will you fail back to the old master?

You will have to restart replication on the slave (i.e.) you will have 
to do the freezing, copying data files again on the

> If I shut the master and slave down once replication is running, do I 
> have to re-copy the data files from the master to the slave before 
> restarting the slave?

If you shutdown both the master and the slave you are restarting 
replication when the master comes up :),  Ideally speaking
you should be re-copying data files, but I confess I have never tried 
this, I think if you do it without a re-copy you will get a
error similar to this,

Caused by: ERROR XRE05: The log files on the master and slave are not in
synch for replicated database 'foo'. The master log instant is 1:104173,
whereas the slave log instant is 1:103957. This is FATAL for replication
- replication will be stopped.

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