It went fine when running it from Eclipse, but I would like to move out of eclipse and run everything from the command terminal. However, my code can't identify to which database it should connect. I think it is a matter of paths.

Can anyone with good experience of fixing the paths help me, because I'm a beginner in using ubuntu linux.

I will appreciate a response that will help,

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Kathey Marsden <> wrote:
Eiman Sayari wrote:
I started the derby server,
connected on the database (localhost:1527/the path where the database located ). then, I tried to run my code that connects to database to do the operations with the databse. However, the code give errors although it worked fine on the eclipse. Could anyone help to know how to run the application with Derby  out the eclipse (plz with steps since I am a bignner on linux and using Derby)
It sounds from your mail that the connection went ok and then it failed later in your code. Is that correct? What error(s) with stack trace are you seeing during what operation?


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