Unfortunately the Jira server is down right now so I cannot get the issue number to provide here. But I wanted to encourage users to vote for the "full text searching/Lucene integration" for the next release.

Lucene provides fantastic full text searching. Imagine how even more powerful Derby would be if it supported a more freeform way of searching for rows. It would be amazing if the integration of Lucene would treat each row as a Lucene Document. There are some powerful lucene queries such as FuzzyLikeThisQuery that can search over multiple document fields. So imagine doing a query for "Smith account expiring" and having the database find a row in the ACCOUNTS table with "smith" in the NAME column and "expired" in the STATUS column. Lucene has support for "stemming" through the SnowballAnalyzer class, which means Lucene can even figure out that "expired" is a match with "expiring" because it can understand the common stem word, "expire". Essentially you'd have a google-like search experience combined with a relational database.

This would be an absolutely amazing feature. So if it's not to late, vote for Lucene integration!
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