I think that the simple answer is that Cloudscape wasn’t designed as a general purpose relational database. Its target niche was embedded and smaller apps.


So it sounds like the issue you were having is solved. That is, once you hit your preset size, the default allocations is too small and its impacting your ability to increase your table space.


It sounds like an enhancement to me.


BTW, if you want to ‘hack’ this to test the theory out, just change the DEFAULT_PRE_ALLOC_SIZE constant in the File Container to be something like 1000.

Then run your test again.


From: Brian Peterson [mailto:dianeayers@verizon.net]
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 5:28 PM
To: 'Derby Discussion'
Subject: initial page allocation versus incremental allocation


I see that there’s a property to allow configuring the number of pages to initially allocate to a table, derby.storage.initialPages, but there isn’t a property to allow for setting the number of pages to allocate when incrementally expanding the file container. It looks like RawStoreFactory might’ve allowed for this with


                public static final String PRE_ALLOCATE_PAGE = “derby.storage.pagePerAllocation”;


but this isn’t reference by anything I can find.  FileContainer fixes the incremental expansion to 8 pages with the DEFAULT_PRE_ALLOC_SIZE constant.


What was the reason for not allowing the pre-allocation setting to be configurable? Were there adverse affects on FileContainer if it was increased to something like 100 pages?