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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: How to configure Derby/java DB on opensolaris for remote access
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 11:34:48 GMT
Jan Lagerpusch wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure whether this belongs to the derby or to the 
> opensolaris/SMF mailing list, but I’ll give it a try here:
> I am desperately trying to enable remote access to the SUNWjavadb 
> (coming with GlassFish) on an x86 openSolaris (2008.11) system. I 
> would like to use the SMF, so the javadb service is controlled by SMF, 
> but I am not able to find out which properties I have to set.
> Without SMF, I can simply start /opt/SUNWjavadb/bin/startNetworkServer 
> –h
> But by doing this, that javadb instance is not under SMF control.
> Using SMF, remote access to the javadb instance is disabled. What do I 
> have to do to enable it?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Jan Lagerpusch
This question was answered on databases-discuss@opensolaris.org 
(2009-03-19). Copying the reply here:

Hi Jan,

You can add extra startup flags to the network server from the command 
line like this:
$ svccfg -s javadb 'setprop javadb/server_start_args = ("-h" "")'
$ svcadm refresh javadb
$ svcadm restart javadb

There are other properties you could set too to change how the network 
server is started/stopped. If you take a look at /lib/svc/method/javadb 
it should give you a pretty good idea of how you can tweak it.

Knut Anders


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