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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: SQ30020 trying to connect to a derby DB
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2009 03:26:00 GMT
Ugo Gagliardelli wrote:
> I created a derby DB using sun Java DB bundled in JDK 1.6. The DB runs 
> as a server on my pc and is full functioning.
> I started it specifying -p 1466, to get rid from ports conflicts on my 
> pc, and -h hostname, the host name of my pc as known on my local 
> network. Then I created a data-base via ij command line, created a 
> table too with a few rows. All's fine.
> I enrolled this db using
> command on 2 different as400 (aka IBM iSeries or system i)
> On a V5R4 as400 system from interactive SQL screen (STRSQL) when I try 
> to connect to derby db with:
> I receive SQ30020 error with protocol error X'1254' with error code 
> x'99' and location code x'01'.
> This message follows a CPF3E80, CPF9999 not monitored by QTSMGAFT and 
> CPF3E33.
> On the db side, where I enabled both logging and trace, I see that an 
> income connection was acceped (Apache Derby Network Server connected 
> to database) a trace file was created for that connection.
> If I try from a V5R1 system I still receive an SQ30020, with protocol 
> error X'124C' with error code X'0D' and location code x'01',  that 
> follows a CPF9163 only. In the connection log I still see that the 
> connection was accepted and a trace file was created too.
> In the trace file I see:
>        (2009.3.4 12:54:32) Request fill DRDAConnThread_3 5
> (both ASCII and EBCDIC hex data follows)
> and:
>        (2009.3.4 12:54:33) Reply flush DRDAConnThread_3 5
> (both ASCII and EBCDIC hex data follows)
> Derby db is supposed to be DRDA compliant, doc says level 7 compliant 
> (but I don't know what it means), so it should work when accessed by 
> another DRDA compliant DB as as400 db.
> Where am I wrong?
You can copy derbyclient.jar to your AS400 machine and connect from 
there with the derby client driver.  I don't think there has been any 
effort to get  the AS400 STRSQL client to work with Derby and wouldn't 
expect it to work.


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