I'm a new Derby user.

When I clicked startNetworkServer.bat, there's always a comand line window shows up, so I'm trying to create a windows service to run derby.

Here I met a problem, when I tried to create a windows service for derby network server, it showed successed. But when I tried to start it, it failed. Error code 1053.

I tried 2 ways to do that.
This is my steps to create Derby service
Way 1: use sc.exe in comand lien
start -> run ->cmd
sc create DerbyNet binpath= "c:\derby\frameworks\NetworkServer\bin\startNetworkServer.bat" start= auto
when starting this service: Error Code 1053

Way 2: I used instsrv.exe and srvany.exe to create service
start -> run ->cmd
instsrv DerbyNet "c:\srvany.exe"
start -> run ->regedit
new a string value: Application
    &nbs p;             value data: c:\derby\frameworks\NetworkServer\bin\startNetworkServer.bat
when starting this service: The service started and stoped                 

Actually, what I want is to hide the command line window, is there any idea?

Have a Nice Day~!

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