I am responding to the following entry:

[jira] Closed: (DERBY-2700) Invalid entries in the cache manager are not garbage collected until the CachedItem is reused

As I understood, the proposed solution being invalidated since derby indeed does not know wether cache will be used or not.

I think that only the application knows when it must sacrifice cache content in memory as a soft solution for preventing HeapOutOfMemoryException.

It seems providing static synchronized API for the CacheManager will elliminate the problem.

I was able to solve HeapOutOfMemoryException only by restarting derby since I could not find handles to the CacheManager. It was too hard given the complexity of my applications.

What is your take on this.

In any case I would greatly appreciate if you advise me on how can I install my own CacheManager into derby.

Thank you in advance.

Phil Michnik (pmichnik@hotmail.com)