~hey all
I am now trying to port my application to a multi-user environment using Derby, and I am having some trouble connecting to the server.  I am getting a connection refused error.
I've read the guides and tried several things with no resolution, so I'm looking for a little hwlp.
Using Derby
On the remote computer acting as Server--
StartNetworkServer starts fine with Basic BuiltIn security.  I have a derby.properties file located in the home directory with the following entries:
I know the user is created, because I have to enter the user and password to shutdown.  So from here all appears to be correct.
I am trying to connect using ij (first off, can ij work with remote databases?).
within ij I set driver=org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver.  I think I have classpath to all Derby jars correctly.  But when I try to ij> connect 'jdbc:derby://twoenp11/d:/db/bm_db;user=guest;password=guest'; across a WinNT server i get the following error:
/* ERROR 08001: java.net.ConnectException : Error connecting to server twoenp11 on
/* port 1527 with message Connection refused: connect.
twoenp11 is the computer name of the "server" and obviously d:/db/bm_db is the Derby database on the server's D: drive.  The Server is actually another workstation on the network where the StartNetworkServer was launched.  I am successfully using this same workstation as a remote connection using Borland's JDatastore, so it ~should be allowed with Derby(?).
Any help would be appreciated!