Hi again, im using hibernate, and no the tables where already there since its an existing database.



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Hi Micke,


Which JPA implementation are you using?  Did you have the JPA implementation create the tables for you?  JPA 2.0 will help to clarify the case behavior semantics.  




On Jan 26, 2009, at 3:38 AM, Mikael Sundberg wrote:


I’m working on changing to JPA to talk to my database. But I seem to have encountered some problems.

My tables named similar to: “MyTable”  so I tell my JPA class that it belongs to “MyTable” but then it looks for MYTABLE and ofcourse it can’t find it.

When using SQL I have simply used “Select * from \”MyTable\”” to work around that problem. But in JPA that doesn’t seem to work either and it doesn’t feel like the correct way to do it either since then I bind my JPA to only be used with derby. Other databases seem to understand that “MyTable” is MyTable and not MYTABLE. Is there any way to work around this problem? Except for renaming the tables since that simply isn’t an option.