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From Emmanuel Cecchet <m...@frogthinker.org>
Subject Re: Why close ResultSet & PreparedStatement?
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2008 22:45:29 GMT
derby@segel.com wrote:
>> Amir Michail wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is there any point in calling the close method on ResultSet and the
>>> close method of PreparedStatement?
>>> Amir
>> You might later change the database to one where it matters much more.
>> Mark Thornton
> Huh?
> I'm sorry but your answer doesn't make any sense.
Mark answer made a lot of sense. Things that may not have a side effect 
with Derby (especially in embedded mode) can have a significant effect 
with other databases. Try to leave ResultSets and PreparedStatements 
open with Oracle and we'll see how far you go.
> To answer Amir's question... you close the ResultSet and the
> PreparedStatements to remove any overhead as a result of their
> instantiation.
> Actually its pretty rare that you want to close the prepared statement since
> one would use a prepared statement for the life of the application/service.
> (The point of a prepared statement is that you use the statement once and
> you use it over and over ...)
Looks like you have never done batch updates.
Note that a PreparedStatement is attached to a connection, so if you are 
using connection pooling, keeping the same PreparedStatement throughout 
the lifetime of the application will certainly interfere with the 
purpose of the connection pooling.

My 2 cents

Emmanuel Cecchet
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