Thanks, but it doesn't help.  My requirements are for the networked database, not the embedded version (which does, as you note, work properly). 

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Richard Scott wrote:
Derby gurus:

I am seeing an unexpected sealing violation on  There is not more than one instance of derby.jar in the classpath (as you can verify below).

I have an application (under construction) that starts several services from within the application.  Among these are Jetty to support a web app, and Derby using the network server (via NetworkServerControl) instead of using the embedded model.  These services start without incident, and as expected, I can access the application's database externally (via ij, for instance).  However, when there's a hit on the web-app which triggers a client-side connection to the database (using the org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver), it barfs with "java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation: package is sealed".

Can this be fixed other than by starting Derby externally to the application (which works just fine)?

Here's what getSysinfo() spits out when after the engine is started:

Appreciate whatever enlightenment you can provide!

what I can tell you is that I'm using embedded+network derby and jetty in the same jvm , with no problem at all.
first start derby, then jetty., all 4 derby jars in classpath, didn't bother about the order ever.

I do remember that I ran into that "sealing violation" once, I think it was a library or version problem.

hope this helps.