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From Juho Tykkälä <juho.tykk...@phnet.fi>
Subject Merging two Derby databases, update database structure to old one
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 17:53:17 GMT

I have a Derby database with 10 tables and some data inside them.

Because I'm a software developer and have many customers
with their own databases and their own data inside them. I have also
one empty database for developing purposes on my own.

Can I inherit the changes I made to my own database to my
customers databases without touching data in them?

e.g. If I add two columns (color & weight) to my table (vehicles)
can this change to be inherited to all other databases with the same
table but different data in them?

Why I ask is: If I'm going to add more features to my software,
which uses Derby database, and these features need database
structural changes, how can I update my customer's old software
versions without touching the data inside their databases. Just
need to add few columns more and don't want to clear data inside database.

Juho Tykkälä

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