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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby replication
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2008 16:03:52 GMT
ext-jb.wang@nokia.com write:
> I am trying to test derby replication feature using two windows xp 
> boxes. When I tried to connect from the master derby to the slave 
> derby using this
> connect 
> 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/repldb;startMaster=true;slaveHost=slace_box_name'; 
> I got the connection error "XRE04.U.1". Did anybody ever use this 
> derby replication feature?
> I need to add '-h' to start derby to allow other machine to 
> access to my derby db at port 1527. How to allow other machine to 
> access to the port 4851 - default replication port?


I think Narayanan suggested this issue in his answer, but can you tell 
us whether you specify the slaveHost attribute when you start the slave?
If not, the slave will listen to the localhost interface and will not be 
able to accept the connection from the master.
You also have to get the server security policy file right (if you're 
running under a security manager, which you should).

Another good suggestion is to look in the derby.log file for more 
detailed error messages when something goes wrong.

hope this helps,

> Thanks!
> JB (Jiabing) Wang
> (c) 978-435-1050
> (c) 508-202-2906
> (e) ext-jb.wang@nokia.com

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