Since you’re a bit cryptic..


On Table A, you show Col_x_ID, but in your foreign key, you show Col_x. I’m going to assume that you meant Col_x_ID.


On Table A, do you have an index on Col_x_ID? Is Col_x_ID a unique ID? If so, is this the primary key for the table?


That would be the first thing to look at. If no index exists, my guess would be that you’re doing a sequential table scan.







From: jay _ []
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 4:16 AM
Subject: memory usage for row delete cascade


Hi all,

I have a database with three tables (Table_A, Table_B and Table_C). There is one identity column in Table_A which acts as a foreign key in Tables B and C with an ON DELETE CASCADE.

Here is the table structure ....

Table A : Col_x_ID , Coly_Name, ....
Table B : Col_p_ID, Col_q_Name, .... Col_x ... FOREIGN KEY(Col_x) REFERENCES Table A (Col_x) ON DELETE CASCADE)
Table B : Col_m_ID, Col_n_Name, .... Col_x ... FOREIGN KEY(Col_x) REFERENCES Table A (Col_x) ON DELETE CASCADE)

When I now try to delete a row in Table_A, I experience a spike in CPU usage to almost 100% and also the memory  usage bumps from 40MB to 100MB. This remains sustained for a few seconds (like 5 seconds) causing the UI to almost freeze in my application. Even worse, it causes an Out of Memory Exception!

I am pretty sure that something isn't quite right with what I am experiencing. I know row inserts and deletes are computationally expensive, but surely it has to be less expensive than what I am experiencing.

I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me how to optimise this or is there a more efficient method to delete entries with a cascade effect?

I am running Derby version on MacOSX with JRE 1.5 version 6.


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