i wanted to explore the tablefunctions of derby a bit, but struggle to get one run in the client server environment. in the embedded mode everything works fine.

i did this after doing the derby tutotial, so for my tests i used the tutorial db. i wrote a javaclass and put the jar(called tablefunction.jar) in my DERBY_HOME directory aswell as in the derbytutor director.
i added the jar to the windows classpath variable as CLASSPATH=.......;c:\Derby_10\tableFunction.jar

then i issued the following statements to the db:

//creates the tablefunction
Create Function Testfunction(varchar(500), varchar(100), varchar(100))
returns Table ( id INT, zeit TIMESTAMP, wish VARCHAR(32) )
language java
parameter style derby_jdbc_result_set
external name 'tableFunction.TableGenerator.read';

//calls the tablefunction
select s.* from table (Testfunction(String1, String2, String3)) s;

i recieve the following errors
ERROR 42X51: Die Klasse 'tableFunction.Wishlist' ist nicht vorhanden oder es kann nicht auf die Klasse zugegriffen werden. Diese Situation kann eintreten, wenn die Klasse nicht öffentlich ist.
ERROR XJ001: Java-Ausnahme: 'tableFunction.Wishlist: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException'.

i run the server from my derbytutor subdirectory if that matters.

the above function works fine, if i use the embedded db. just not for client/server.

i also tried to upload the jar to the database, but also without success. i issued the following commands for this:

CALL SQLJ.install_jar('c:\derby_10\tablefunction.jar', 'APP.tableFunction', 0);


Any ideas, how i could help derby to find the jar? os is windows xp SP3.

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