I've looked through my loggings both at tomcat's catalina.out and the logfile configured from log4j.properties, and there are no such exceptions. Here's each of the log snippets ..

Btw, i'm using Apache Derby on suse 10.2, tomcat 5.5.25 ..

162772 [main] INFO org.smslib  - interrupting done .. joining
162772 [Thread-48] DEBUG org.smslib  - SchedulePollingThread() interrupted.
162772 [main] DEBUG ui.plugins.SmsServerPlugin  - Shutting down DB ..
162772 [main] DEBUG util.ConnectionManager  - shutting down database from datasource
162776 [main] DEBUG util.ConnectionManager  - database shutdown complete
162776 [main] DEBUG ui.plugins.LaunchSchedulePlugin  - Shutting down quartz scheduler ..

and my sms.log
<org.smslib> SchedulePollingThread() interrupted.
<ui.plugins.SmsServerPlugin> Shutting down DB ..
<util.ConnectionManager> shutting down database from datasource
<util.ConnectionManager> database shutdown complete
<ui.plugins.LaunchSchedulePlugin> Shutting down quartz scheduler ..
<org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler> Scheduler DefaultQuartzScheduler_$_NON_CLUSTERED shutting down.

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