Hello again Apache Derby,

I'm currently porting my little webapp from using mysql to apache derby.
One of the issue i'm having right now is the like clause being used for non-string types.
I tried the ij, issuing simple sql statement like :

ij> select sc.id from sms_command sc where sc.id like '%';
ERROR 42884: No authorized routine named 'LIKE' of type 'FUNCTION' having compatible arguments was found.

But it works fine for the string type :
ij> select sc.id, sc.dbpool_name from sms_command sc where sc.dbpool_name like 'd%';
6          |demo
14         |demo
21         |demo
23         |test

I tried describe the table, and here's the output :
ij> describe sms_command;
ID                                |INTEGER  |0   |10  |10    |NULL      |NULL      |NO
DBPOOL_NAME         |VARCHAR  |NULL|NULL|15    |NULL      |30        |NO

I'm quite sure that there's no point in this case to use like-clause for an integer typed column, but there are several cases that the like clause can be useful for integer typed column, like when trying to find out an records that contains such and such part of a number.

When using mysql, using like-clause on non-string types works in my proggie prior to porting it to derby.

Anyway, is there a configuration that can be use to be 'friendly' for using like-clause on non-string types ? Or perhaps anything else that i'm missing out from the docs ? :)

Albert Kam

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