Hello Apache Derby,

I'm using db-derby-, and when i'm importing a csv file like this :

ij> CALL SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_IMPORT_TABLE (null,'SMS_OUT','/home/albert/mnt/linuxdb/rnd/sofco_sms/CSVs/sms_out.csv',null,null,null,0);

an error pops out like this :
ERROR XIE0R: Import error on line 11 of file /home/albert/mnt/linuxdb/rnd/sofco_sms/CSVs/sms_out.csv: Data found on line 11 for column 3 after the stop delimiter.
ERROR XIE03: Data found on line 11 for column 3 after the stop delimiter.

I check the file, and in the line 11, it goes like this :
"92","+628xxxxxxx","Testinggg -__-"","2006-08-03 11:43:42","0","0","-1","-1","-1"
(Notice the -__-"") the content should be Testinggg -__-"

So, i tried changing the Testinggg -__-" into Testinggg -__-\", but still errornous ..

Later after googling for a while, i found out about this : http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=678257

Here's one interesting quote :

CSV as defined by RFC 4180 does not "escape" double quotes with a backslash, but rather by an additional set of double quotes. Your parser fails to handle this format properly.

CSV is hard.

Is this a bug or is it something that i did ? For now, i removed the doublequotes and it worked like charm.

Albert Kam

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