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From "Robert J. Carr" <rjc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: embedded db and connection pooling
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 19:04:31 GMT
Hey Kristian-

Thanks for the response, here's some comments:

> Do you delete the files on disk and connect to the same database (again), or
> are you creating a brand new database (with a different name / directory)?

I will admit that what I was doing was illogical and I never should
have expected it to work.  I was basically deleting the database files
between deployments of my web application.  Since I switched to jndi
data sources, where tomcat now owns the connection not my web app,
this will no longer work.

> In any case, I suspect you have to redeploy your data source; close all open
> connections and connection again. Maybe this is something your connection
> pool manager can do, or maybe you have to issue a redeploy command for
> Tomcat?

Right ... I guess this is what I was asking, is how to do this,
assuming this is my only alternative (which I'm pretty sure it is at
this point).

> Also, which OS and file system are you running on?

OSX.5 and HFS+.


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