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From Mauro Molinari <mauro.molin...@cardinis.com>
Subject Re: Newbie: problem setting the derby.system.home directory
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 12:01:59 GMT
Rick Hillegas ha scritto:
> Hi Mauro,
> 1) Have you tried setting derby.system.home on the vm boot command line 
> via a -D parameter? What behavior do you see when you try this?
> 2) What value are you setting derby.system.home to?
> 3) If you are seeing a stack trace, could you share that with us?
> Thanks,
> -Rick

Hi Rick!
Thanks to your suggestion (using -D VM argument), I found out what was 
my problem. I was setting the derby.system.home property to a value like 
file:/..., that is a File path obtained through toURI(). Simply using 
getPath() on the same File, instead of toURI().toString(), could solve 
the problem.
Yes, it was a stupid mistake indeed...

Thanks again!

Mauro Molinari
Software Developer

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