Thanks for the response Rick.

I am not able to verify from the IDE.
However, I checked the release notes online for NetBeans and it says, under tested drivers
Tested Drivers

NetBeans IDE 6.0 has been tested with the following databases and drivers.

Example URL
JavaDB Derby jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sample (Network)
Oracle Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521:ora9i
PostgreSQL 8.2 Build 506 jdbc:postgresql://
MySQL MySQL Connector/J 5.0.7
Here is the link to NB Release notes:

Does this mean, its running version of Derby(Java DB)?

If I am not interpreting it correctly, is there a concrete way of checking, which version of Derby am I running?

Also, if I am running an older version that is not supporting the DROP command, is there a way, I can integrate the newer version of JAVA-DB in NB?
Cos NB is giving me a very easy and nice interface to work with Java DB and makes creating and populating tables much faster.
as an alternative, are there any GUIs available to work with bare JAVA-DB database like toad?

Please let me know your suggestions.


On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 6:38 PM, Rick Hillegas <> wrote:
Hi Dev,

Do you know what version of Derby you are using with Netbeans? Column dropping and renaming were added to Derby in release

Hope this helps,

Devang kamdar wrote:

I am trying to get started with Derby and Netbeans
I am not able to use the DROP command.

Getting following error in NetBeans (Derby Integrated)
Error code -1, SQL state 42X01: Syntax error: Encountered "DROP" at line 2, column 1.
Line 1, column 1

Here is the SQL statement:

Also, is there a way to rename a column?
Right now I am trying to DROP it and ADD it again.
I am just creating the DB, so there is no data at present and this seems reasonable work-around.
But what if my DB is populated? If I Drop the column, I will loose all the data?
Is there a viable alternative?

Please let me know.