Six Fried Rice wrote:
On May 14, 2008, at 8:09 PM, Daniel Noll wrote:

This is quite interesting.  Is there also a way to do this if you need to join
to another table, such that it selects rows 100 to 200 of the first table
before doing the join to the second?

Sorry for the confusion. My post was completely bogus. That's what I get for going from memory. Matt is completely correct: it seems you need a sub select to get a row number in a where clause, and you can't use order by in a sub select. Bummer really. I'm not sure *why* my query doesn't work, but it doesn't. I should say, though, that I'm a total derby newbie so it probably makes great sense.


Just googling around I would say that the LIMIT/OFFSET feature has to be the #1 requested Derby feature of all time.