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From "Maris Orbidans" <maris.orbid...@ingg.com>
Subject how to get names of column constraints ?
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 16:58:27 GMT

I know I can read constraint names from SYS.SYSCONSTRAINTS but can I get
it from DatabaseMetaData?  

I am trying to get ha-jdbc synchronization working with my derby
database. The problem is that ha-jdbc reads INDEX_NAMEs from
DatabaseMetaData  (with getIndexInfo) and assumes that column constraint
has the same name and tries to drop it. 

DEBUG net.sf.hajdbc.sync.SynchronizationSupport  - ALTER TABLE
ERROR net.sf.hajdbc.sql.AbstractDatabaseCluster  - Error for batch
element #0: ALTER TABLE failed. There is no constraint
'APP.SQL080507133401610' on table '"APP"."RECEIPT"'.


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