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From Six Fried Rice <tech...@sixfriedrice.com>
Subject Re: top N reporting with derby
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 16:17:36 GMT
On May 15, 2008, at 9:02 AM, Matt Chambers wrote:

> Just googling around I would say that the LIMIT/OFFSET feature has  
> to be the #1 requested Derby feature of all time.

Paging is such a necessary part of web development, and MySQL, despite  
its warts, really gets it right. It is a hassle to have to jump  
through hoops (subselects, temp tables, inverted sort orders, ...) to  
do it. It is a shame because apparently the "standard" has no  
provision for this. But when you're putting data on the web, you  
simply must page records. And with MySQL it is a snap to augment any  
query to add paging, and it is fast.

So I am not surprised this is a major FAQ. I have the same problem  
with MSSQL as well. But my vague memory is that I can put ROW_NUMBER  
in a FROM clause in Sybase, and then use it in my WHERE, making it  
easy there as well.

We're pretty much back to square 1 on paging in Derby because we need  
to sort *before* we page (obviously). So now we're trying temporary  
tables (nuisance because our system uses configurable queries) and  
just spinning through the result set in Java.


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