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From: [] On Behalf Of Carlus Henry
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: [Java exception: 'loader,constraints violated when linking,org/apache/derby/iapi/store/access/StaticCompiledOpenConglomInfo,class: java.lang.LinkageError']


I was receiving a similar error to the one mentioned in the subject line of this email.  It was a linkage error, but mine was complaining about the ResultSet class. 

After doing some digging on the internet, I happened upon this conversation where someone found that the source of the problem that they were having was due to the ShadowClassLoader being enabled when running in an AbstractJpaTests.  After disabling the ShadowClassLoader, they were able to resolve all of their issues.  I tried this solution, and it worked for me as well.

This solution took me a little while to find, so I am hoping that by posting it here, it will help someone in the future.