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From "A. Rick Anderson" <a_r...@hughes.net>
Subject Re: Can't change column name, or drop database
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 20:01:12 GMT
Kai Ponte wrote:

>On Saturday 12 April 2008 08:34:20 pm A. Rick Anderson wrote:
>>I have not been able to change the name of a column in an embedded
>I have yet to be able to change colum names. I tend to drop the database....
>>So I tried to drop the table.  Unfortunately, there is a long cascade of
>...which I can do because I never let the RDBMS create my dependencies.  Not a 
>good idea in practice. 
>>So I  tried to  drop the entire schema and re-create it 
>>from scratch.   Then it tells me that there is an <EOF> in the fifteen
>>column of line one (which is in the middle of my schema name).

>What are you using to create the schema? Eclipse? Some text editor?
I have been using MyEclipse, which has recently gotten very confused.  I
switched to a different database instance, different driver (Client vs.
Embedded) and different connection profile.  For some reason, the
SQLDrivers.xml file has about a dozen instances of various combinations
of the two drivers and MyEclipse is combining them in it's reference
checking.  Hopefully I can go back to a single embedded instance and
make the problems go away.  I've tried both Studio, from BEA, and
MyEclipse.  MyEclipse is a lot broader product, but it hasn't been as
robust as Studio, the way it manages and names entity relationships is
not as nice and this problem I am having with syncing is a solved in
Studio with a single click.  MyEclipse's auto-generation of entity
factories (one for each entity) is a mixed blessing.  It doubles the
number of classes (triples it if you use abstract base classes), but I
love the finder methods that it generates for each property.  I just
wish the Swing layout tool would handle SWT.  MyEclipse is $60, Studio
is free with the WebLogic Server download.  I am not sure what the price
is for the stand-alone IDE

I tried using the RESTRICT / RENAME approach suggested above and they 
didn't work.  Rename fails, due to the cascade dependencies mentioned 
previously, and the drop schema pmn restrict failed because the schema 
was't empty.

I finally ended up dropping the entire database by dropping all the 
tables individually.

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