Hi All,
I know there is probably a really easy way/answer to this, but I am struggling a bit.
I am trying to create a simple GUI app with Derby as my Embedded DB.
I have my SQL script in a .sql file, which is inside my JAR.  It contains all the create table statements I need to create a new database in my app.  (Application allows multiple databases, so thats why I am trying to do this.)  I am not having trouble reading the sql file, as the getResourceAsStream method works fine. 
After I have read in my sql file into a String type, I try to do an execute on the dbconnection:
Statement stmt = dbconn.createStatement();
I have also tried executeUpdate and executeQuery.
Each time it complains either that it encountered a ; at the end of my create table statement, or if I take that out, that it encounters another CREATE keyword.  Both situations cause SQLSyntaxExceptions to be thrown.
So, finally the question...
Is there a way that I can run all my create table statements through one statement execute call?  My SQL file is fine if I run it through ij, but through JDBC seems to not work.

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