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From Thomas Kellerer <spam_ea...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Reading DDL SQL from JAR
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 19:13:10 GMT
Magnus Prime wrote on 11.03.2008 19:05:
> Thanks for the quick reply. I read through that, and I could use the
> runScript method of IJ, but is there nothing inside through standard JDBC
> that allows me to do that? Anything like starting a transactions, running
> them all, then commiting the transaction?  Or trying to commit after each
> create table?
> The reason I ask, is that as of now, I am using Derby, but I dont want to be
> tied into any DB way of doing things... thats why I was hoping for some
> generic method using standard JDBC only.

The generic way is to split your script into the individual statements (removing 
; at the end), and then run each statement using executeUpdate() or execute().

That will work for all DBMS, the CREATE TABLE statements might not work for all 
DBMS (because each one has different data types)


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