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From "Henrik Frisk" <fris...@gmail.com>
Subject BLOBs and design suggestions
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 08:37:23 GMT

I'm using a Derby database to serve a webapp. Apart from text the
webapp will also show audio, video and images. I would like to ask the
community advice about wether to put the binary data (video, audio and
images) as BLOB's in the database or just reference them by URL and
keep them outside the db. Are there any issues with the db getting too
large? Is requesting a BLOB generally faster or slower than
referencing binary data by URL?

I realize there are a lot of parameters that may influence this
choice. I'm just interested in other users experiences with using
Derby and the BLOB datatype. The primary target for my webapp is that
it will be run locally, offline.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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