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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: WARNING 02000 (was "Error 00200")
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 21:08:18 GMT
Williamson, Nick wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stanley Bradbury [mailto:Stan.Bradbury@gmail.com] 
> Sent: 31 January 2008 16:04
> To: Derby Discussion
> Subject: Re: WARNING 02000 (was "Error 00200")
> Hi Nick -
> Warnings messages should only be displayed when the
> derby.stream.error.logSeverityLevel property is set to zero, not with
> the default setting of 40000.  Are you running with this this property
> setting ?  If not it sounds like you have encountered a bug.  I'm not
> sure how useful such a Warning is either.  Most of the time I would not
> want to be informed of this.
> I seem to recall having encountered this myself when reporting a
> different problem and may have a test case for it - JIRA is down at the
> moment but I will check later to see if I can find the issue. 
> Do you agree this is something that should be ignored (not reported)
> most of the time?
> -----------------------------------------------
> Hi Stanley,
> I was running with a value of 3 but having now set it to 40000 and
> started ij again, I still get the warning. I changed the value in
> derby.properties in the derbydbs folder, which is the folder that I'm
> invoking ij from in my OS prompt, so I'm assuming that it's picking up
> the new setting and that the database isn't overriding it with the
> setting that was in place when it was created...
> I agree completely that it's not something I would wish to see in the
> normal course of events... 
> Thanks,
> Nick
Hi Nick -
This seems to be an IJ issue with updates and deletes (maybe others but 
not a SELECT statement). 
I only see this message using IJ - it does not happen when executing the 
same SQL in a JDBC program and I never get the message in the derby.log 
file.  Have you seen this message from non-IJ sources? 

Would you file a JIRA bug for this issue - it is very annoying.

Here's a simple test for the problem derived from the example in JIRA 
entry DERBY-1574:

java -Dderby.stream.error.logSeverityLevel=40000 org.apache.derby.tools.ij
 ij> create table t1 (i INTEGER);
  ij> create table t2 (i INTEGER);
  ij> update t1 set i = (select i FROM t2 WHERE t2.i=t1.i);
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
WARNING 02000: No row was found for FETCH, UPDATE or DELETE; or the 
result of a query is an empty table.

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