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From Marcelo Iury / Projeto OurGrid <i...@lsd.ufcg.edu.br>
Subject How to clean the derby cache
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 18:18:22 GMT
Hello all!

I am developing a P2P backup system using the Apache Derby to store the 
backups' metadata.
This system have a scheduler module that is responsible for check the 
database if there is any file to be transferred.
Some important considerations must be taken into account for the 
different  kinds of inconsistencies that may happen. They occur when:
1. A file has been modified: So requests for removing obsolete  replicas 
and other for creating new replicas
2. The replica count threshold is not reached: So requests  for creating 
new replicas must be put into the  queue until replica count achieves 
the desired threshold.

I'm faced with a cumbersome  problem.
The scheduler are requesting useless replica creation when the replica 
count threshold is reached.
I put several trace log in the system and I verified that the scheduler 
is retrieving old information from database.
I suspect that the database cache is returning this old information.
There is any form to request to Derby clean the database cache?

Marcelo Iury

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