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From Raghunath <visuma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to start Derby service with db in different locatoin
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:41:20 GMT

Hi John ,

Your information helps a lot. Sorry for my unformatted message.

Raghunath N

John Embretsen wrote:
> Raghunath wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I created my database from netbeans,by spcifying db location(All data 
>> will go to that directory). 
> The "Database Location" setting available from the "Tools -> Java DB
> Database -> 
> Settings" menu in Netbeans only has effect on the Network Server when
> started 
> from the NetBeans utilities/menus. It does not affect embedded
> connections, nor 
> Network Server instances started by other means (e.g. command line, 
> derbyrun.jar, Derby's Java API...).
>> Then I ran my application with 4 
>> connection/80 connection. 
> Not sure what this means.. Do you mean 4 threads, 80 connections?
>> After some time it's going outof memory.
>> I analyzed that I can specify the -Xms jvm option in 
>> startNetworkServer.bat (Not sure wil it solve the problem)
> This will only have an effect if you are starting the Network Server using
> that 
> script. If you start the server from NetBeans, it won't have any effect (I
> don't 
> think you change the server's heap settings from NetBeans - yet).
> If you need to use custom heap settings for the Network Server JVM, I
> recommend 
> you start it from the command line, e.g. by using derbyrun.jar,
> 'java -Xmx512m -Dderby.system.home=YourDatabaseLocation -jar 
> %DERBY_HOME%\lib\derbyrun.jar server start'
> This gives you full control over which settings your server VM is actually 
> running with. But there are several ways to do this, as you have
> discovered.
>> And I want to rise my db (different directory location). 
> Do you mean that you want to boot another database, at a different
> location?
> Or that you want to access your database even if your working directory is 
> different from the "Database location" setting in NetBeans?
> Or something else?
>> thru ij im able 
>> to connect , but it's embeded connection manager i think
>> ij>  connect 'jdbc:derby:H:\My 
>> Dream\bb-jd-db\bb-jd-real-hyd;user=app;password=app;'
>> but this time my application in failing to connect to the server.
> Yes, this is a URL for the embedded driver. This will not even attempt to
> access 
> the server. If the path to the database is correct, you will be able to
> connect 
> to the database only if the database exists and the same database is not
> booted 
> by another JVM (e.g. the Network Server, or NetBeans).
> If the Network Server is running, you can access the database from IJ (and 
> NetBeans) by using the client driver and a matching URL, for example
> ij>  connect 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/H:/My 
> Dream/bb-jd-db/bb-jd-real-hyd;user=app;password=app;'
> Note that you should use forward slashes as path separator in the
> connection 
> URL, even on Windows.
> You can read more about URLs, embedded vs. client/server, database paths
> etc. in 
> the manuals and in various other documents and tutorials. A good starting
> page 
> is this:
> http://db.apache.org/derby/quick_start.html
>> But If i do the same from netbeans , the service is up and im able to 
>> connect to db..but it's withou jvm -xms option
> Then you are probably using the client driver from NetBeans.
> If you are running out of memory, make sure you release (close and set to
> null) 
> all resources to the JVM when you are done using them, such as ResultSets, 
> Statements, PreparedStatements, Connections.
> If you post details about what kind of database operations lead to the 
> OutOfMemoryError, someone on this list may be able to assist as well.
> I hope this helps somewhat...
> -- 
> John

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